I Want My Book Back - 4 Scientific Reasons to Read a Paper Book

I Want My Book Back - 4 Scientific Reasons to Read a Paper Book

4 Scientific Reasons to Read a Paper Book

Easier to Read

Paper books are easier to read and put less stress on the eyes. Study conducted by Benedetto et al, concludes that reading on LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) triggers higher visual fatigue than paper book. LCD reduces the size of eye pupil and frequency of eye blink which causes visual fatigue. Technology comes with many advantages, but not always.


More Retention of Information

Reader retains more information while reading from paper book. Absorption power and remembrance of paper book readers is higher than the readers of e-books. A study conducted by the researchers at Stavanger University Hospital (Norway) finds out that narrative and expository texts on a computer screen leads to the poorer understanding than reading the same books on paper. Overview, structure and limited navigation of the content and continuous scrolling in e-books hamper the process of reading.


Less Distraction

Reading from digital devices will make you distracted and your decrease your concentration. One of the study performed among the students of 5 countries shows that 92% of the participants felt most concentrated when reading printed books. Some of them feel distracted with digital screens.


Better Sleep

E-Books hinder the night sleep. Light-Emitting Electronic Book decreases evening sleeps, increases the time to fall asleep, reduces melatonin secretion (sleep hormone) and lessons the alertness, according to the researchers of Harvard Medical School. Reading from paper books has always been a best tool to get in to sleep.


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