Our Story

Our Story

Beverage lovers of the Sub-continent consider that Tea stimulates the imagination and brings people together. It is also a symbol of socializing and hospitality.

On one thought provoking evening, Noon and Seen were enjoying a Tea at Khoka (slang used for a small road side Tea House). While discussion on the social reforms, they came up with one conclusion that our communities face the challenge of demand and supply. Certain people have some commodities in excess to their requirements and other people lack in the same commodities. 

At one end, an old man might be in a dire need of an expensive lifesaving medicine which he cannot afford and on the other hand a woman who just passed away of chronic disease, has left the bulk of same lifesaving medicine now being discarded by woman’s family.  

10th Grade student, who has just passed the exam, might not use his Mathematics book again but a student who has just been promoted to same Grade will consider the same an asset since she cannot afford the book.

There is no medium in the region where people share products or services which are in excess to their needs. Noon & Seen, with the desire of bringing people together, develop an online platform where people can swap products and services by making best use of their existing resources.