Tips For Swap

A. Safety Always Comes First

  1. It is good to ask someone to accompany you while making swap or exchange. 
  2. Verify the identity of swapper over the phone or other communication means before reaching the planned meeting place.
  3. Always meet with other swapper for swap or exchange in a public place & in busy day hours.
  4. In case you find anything suspicious in your surroundings, please notify it to Police immediately. 
  5. Never disclose locations of your residence and workplace, financial status, personal and family matters with anyone through any medium. 
  6. Please report to at “” if you suspect any swapper or account holder intends to make a fraud or s/he has performed a fraudulent act.
  7. Never share your Maarchaa account credentials with anyone. Please do not save your password on any browser or computer system. Change your account password immediately in case you suspect someone knows it.


B. Be Clear about the Needs and Do the Market Research

  1. Be very clear about what you have and what you want.
  2. Do not consider the product or service for swapping which is your current need. Always swap the commodity/service which is in excess for you.
  3. Do not commit to offer a product or service which you cannot give or is illegal in anyway as defined in law. 
  4. Do not accept the product or service which you do not need or is illegal in anyway as defined in law.
  5. Always do the market research before making any negotiation and deciding on swapping the product and availing the service.


C. Make The Deal Clear

  1. It makes the swap smooth and successful when the swappers make the deal clear by agreeing on the terms, either written or verbally. Terms may include condition of the product, terms of services to be provided, estimated market price of product/service, terms of swap or exchange, warranties, mode of swap/exchange, modalities for return of the product and timelines. 
  2. It is always good to make a written agreement in case product or service is expensive or is of high cost.

D. Check the Product and Review the Service

  1. Make sure to thoroughly check the functioning and physical condition of the product whether received through any means. If the product is not up to your satisfaction, contact the other swapper or account holder and do proceedings as per agreed terms between both parties.
  2. Review the quality and level of the service as per agreed terms during or after availing the service from the other account holder(s).

E. If the Swap is too good to be True

  1. If the Swap is a way too good for you, tempting or looks un-realistic, stay cautious and vigilant while negotiating. Always report us at “” the incidences where any account holder(s) seems fraudulent.

F. Illegal Products

  1. Under any condition(s), do not swap or exchange the products and/or services which are declared illegal by the Government, State, Law Agencies or other Legal Authorities for trade and exchange.

G. Unethical or Improper Services

  1. Please do not provide services against swap which are considered improper, unreasonable, unethical and immoral by the society. 

H. Fix the Non-Functional or Refurbish the Damaged Product

  1. Products which are damaged, non-functional or with improper working can be given to service providers who do repair, maintenance, renovation and refurbishment.